Treatment of Ailments of Infants and Children effectively and healthy – with Osteopathy

The body itself can heal a lot. A little cut, a little abrasion. Our Skin shows us the self-healing process always and always again: The blood cleans and closes the wund, thereunder the new dermal layer is formed and after the scurf is fallen off everything is fine again.

Our nature is as simple. The osteopathy based on this fundamental idea. Through ist method of treatment, it reloctes the functions of the body back in the normal conditions. It is not only understood as a pain therapy, but also as a method of treatment for vegetative dysfunctions. For this one must know that the vegetative nevous system is controlling all important, essential functions of the body: e.g. vigil, sleep, breathing but also hunger digestion, heartbeat etc.. Blockades of the backbone for example can lead to disfunction’s of the vegetative nervous system. The symptoms of children are multiple ……………………..

The osteopathic treatment starts with contacting the child. Trustfulness is in this case already “half the battle”. After a thorough investigation of the musculoskeletal system the osteopath detects hidden fixtures in the body with smooth Touchs which can bring e.g. a baby to cry. Then malpositions   are corrected through Manual Grips. During the treatment the parents are always with their baby. The result is in most of the casas apparent – a fundamental improvement of the mobility! This is one indicator that blockage is unfixed. The symtoms can be disappeared already after a singular treatment, in normal cases a success is foreseeable after two or three treatments.

Of ourse, the osteopathy is also applicable for adults with great success.


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